These rules are in no particular order and are handy tips for newbies:

  • don't god mod unless you are doing a comedy roleplay
  • don't force people to go to other categories
  • don't start wars unless you're REALLY (and I mean REALLY) desperate
  • respect all usuals
  • don't say you're a usual if you're not one
  • always make roleplays with plots (unless it's a god mod or random roleplay)
  • try not to talk about the Super Moshis too much
  • you can be multi-categorial if you want to, but no complete betrayal
  • don't be disciples of the following people: SuperPika8 (Moshivenom11), Scrotbot, Lukep999 and any of Bunnzzi's stupid accounts
  • don't make yourself leader of MISSION Control because it is a free category
  • know all usuals
  • don't just randomly create a usuals list and ask newbs to remove the 'nasty' or 'undeserving' ones from the list
  • don't be racist or sexist
  • no online dating; it's against the Moshi rules as well as our own rules
  • don't say that you're related to a member of the Moshi staff; don't say you're their friend either
  • use correct grammar as much as you can, typing errors are allowed
  • if someone lives on the other side of the world, don't say: "What, you're going to bed already?", because it would probably be night there
  • roleplay in the mode you were asked to (if told)
  • give your roleplay charries PROPER names
  • if you make a typo, in your next comment, type an asterisk (this symbol: *) before the word or phrase you made a mistake in, e.g. *example.
  • don't comment on old discussions that aren't roleplays, it gets VERY annoying
  • you don't necessarily have to be friends with everyone
  • don't use Moshi faces; they are freaky
  • please only call NOOBS noobs.
  • if you call a usual a noob, you are automatically a noob yourself; in the Flockdraw incident controversy, it was actually the opposing side to Murky that broke this rule

These rules were made up by some of our usuals, responsible MISSION Controllers can edit this.