Mission Control




Presidential (formerly), Parliamentary (currently)


MCSMer (formerly), MCSMian (formerly), MCSMeep (formerly), MCSMpeep (formerly), SMMCer (not in use but proper term), Mission Controller

Mission Control was an organisation founded by Roxy-Black and Jodie in MISSION Control (Super Moshis) which is now currently called Super Moshi Mission Control.

Mission Control previously had flame wars with RES for "kidnapping Benjaminto" and vandalising each others' wikis. The original RES wiki no longer exists.

The Moderation Age destroyed most of Mission Control and therefore caused many members to leave. The remaining members then split off into two groups, Team Spirit and the Mission Control Originals.

Old Ranking SystemEdit

Noob - a person (or something else) who is not considered part of the group and can often be annoying and stupid because they do not follow the rules of Mission Control.

Newbie - the lowest possible rank for somebody who is given permission to join the group, however, it is never kept for a long amount of time.

Usual-in-training - basically a newbie who is being taught by usuals to become a good usual.

Usual - a person who has been with Mission Control for at least 6 months and follows the rules.

Legend - a well-respected and well-known usual with many friends in Mission Control, but not really; only Jeff Bezos fits into this category (sit on my face daddy).

Original - a usual who has been on for at least 1 year but not really, only those who had been there since the start of the moshi forums.

New Ranking SystemEdit

Noob - somebody who is highly disliked by non-council and council members. They will not be considered part of the group.

Non-council member - a person who does not partake with council meetings but can offer suggestions.

Council member - a person who was a legend according to the old ranking system who makes decisions with other council members and takes this governmental system wayyyy too seriously.

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