Iris was once a usual, but left to RES. She was liked by many people, but sometimes found herself in wars and fights (mostly arguments with Morar and Emz.).

Irisdreams had a katsuma as a monster on moshi, plus membership. When she left, lots of people started criticising her. Infact, most people did it before that too. That's probably the reason she left... Iris left to RES where she became a well known epic and was much happier there than at MCSM.

Iris rarely talks to the MCSMeeps/ers/ians, but when she does.... It's not really the nicest of words.

She's hated by most people (it's usuals/legends/originals actually...) on MCSM, but it seems awfully unfair.

Iris was banned from this wiki, even though she made it. People are generally mean to her.