Looks Edit

Fire has long, red hair that is usually quite frizzy. Her hair resembles flames and when angry, her hair actually sets on fire. She hates it when people call her ginger and ends up punching them.

Fire has golden coloured eyes that sparkle in the sun. They glow when she casts spells and people are known to gaze into them and find their future. They usually end up a burning red when she's angry. Fire is tall and slim, and has freckles over her nose and cheeks.

She usually wears black skinny jeans, a white t-shirt, a black, white and red checked shirt and black converse.

History Edit

Fire was born to a family of sorcerers and sorceresses who were tragically killed by someone unknown. They were killed by someone lighting a fire and burning down their house, they managed to get their two children, Daniel and Eve, ou before the house burned to the ground.

Two mysterious men took them away and renamed them 'World' and 'Fire'. They taught them how to use their powers properly and Fire learned that she specialised in fire magic and World specialised in peace magic.

--Le Mowah♥ 14:47, May 11, 2012 (UTC)