Cleo was originally a Werewolf (OR thought to be). She grew up a Werewolf, as two bad ones abducted her, from her brother and sister. Ten years later, in a Creature High school, Cleo (Named Alex, at the time, since the Werewolves called her it because they didn't know her name) met a Boy named Leo and a girl names Rio. Her brother and sister. It took a while but one day Leo took Cleo to a Warehouse and explained what had happened. Leo had gone insane in this small time and decided it was her friend's fault, but Cleo managed to talk him out of it.

Cleo has silky Black hair, and mysterious, green eyes. They are said to get lighter near the top, and that they could be seen in the dark. She is built a Skinny but tall girl and she is exstremley pale. Ghost like nearly. She usually wears black.

Here is Cleo's Dreamselfy: