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The one all of the MCSM usuals like. You can describe him as: random (because he is), bubbly, jolly and kind. He's an MCSM original and a legend. When he's a non-member, his katsuma looks like the picture on the right.

Blaze was elected the president of MCSM, but he never acts like it because he is not greedy or selfish.

He has made up a random thing that starts at random times, he calls it Peanut Butter Jellah Time (PBJ Time).

Whenever he's not RPing or bored, he goes on about waffles, cookies or wookies (waffle-cookies). However, I don't know who created the wookie because I'm never usually on at the correct time.

He created a club named the Flames which have became slightly more popular than they were before. The Flames are Blaze's loyal followers and are just like the Blacks and the Whites.

Blaze is a currently inactive MISSION Controller.

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Well, this is what I believe wookies look like.